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How to Better Connect with Customers, Boost Your Business’ Sales

Small business owner working on their content.
When writing for your business, think about how you can help someone find a solution to a problem.

I have something to share that is deceivingly so simple but so powerful: people connect with people.

This is great news for small business owners, especially solopreneurs. People connect with other people, and they want to help support other people. As a solopreneur, your customers are buying more than your services and/or products. They’re buying your talents, time and dreams.

Your greatest business asset is yourself. So, use that when creating words to boost your small business’ sales! Using your words to connect with others can help you reach potential clients/customers. And it can help you get clear on your business’ goals and personality.

Here are two ways you can connect with people to boost your business you can start using in your small business now.

How can small business owners connect with customers better?

Make your customer the hero of your “About” page.

Your small business’ “About” page is not about you. It’s actually about your customers and clients.

Because people connect with people, you want potential customers to feel connected to you and your business. Making your customer the hero of your “About” page is one way to do this.

But how do you do this? Tweak your website copy to focus on the problem your product/service provides. Here are a few examples:

If you’re a travel agent:

  • Talk about how your experiences visiting countries all around the world have taught you invaluable lessons. Because you have learned these lessons, you can help others avoid your mistakes.

  • Your travel experience has taught you how to better plan trips. Because you have refined this skill, you can help others plan trips that are not too busy/too slow/too much/too little for your clients.

If you’re a coach:

  • Share how you were introduced to coaching. People who read about your journey to discovering coaches can identify with your story and book a discovery call with you.

  • Talk about how much your coaching journey has helped you. You can get as personal as you want, but be sure to include specific ways coaching has helped you.

You want people reading your “About” page to say, “YES! THAT’S HOW I FEEL!” instead of “Wow, she likes to talk about herself.” You want to position your offerings to be a "HELL YES! I NEED THAT!"

Talk about your other customers on social media.

And by “talk about” I don’t mean gossip. Share what your customers are telling you about how your product/service is helping them.

By doing so, people who could become customers can see how your small business can help them because your business is helping others. Sharing customer and client feedback gives your business more credibility, which can boost your sales and client base.

Talking about your other clients on social media connects your potential clients to results. This content can help educate people better about your offerings, which helps you close the sale when appropriate.

Why is it important for small business owners to have copy/content that connects?

Small business owner serving her customers.
Words can do the heavy lifting for you, which saves you time and helps you increase your sales.

Save Time

Most business owners want to make money. Most small business owners want to make money AND help people.

As a small business owner (and maybe even a solopreneur), you have a lot going on and not as much time as you’d like. Investing in copy and content writing that serves your business is an investment in your business’ growth.

Words can do the heavy lifting for you, which saves you time and helps you increase your sales.

Boost Sales

Through strategic social media campaigns, cohesive website copy and helpful blog posts, potential customers can learn how you can help them and your unique talents before they jump on a discovery call with you.

Instead of spending your and your customers’ precious time on discovery calls talking about the basics of your offerings, you can spend that time talking about them and how your offerings can serve them. These more powerful discovery calls can lead to more clients and bigger sales.

Plus, if your client already likes what they see on your website and social media channels, they can feel more comfortable talking to you about their challenges. As a service provider, getting closer to a potential client’s basic needs and wants is invaluable and saves a lot of time.

Intentional words that serve your business also help you connect with your ideal customer. Working with a copywriter who can nail your brand voice can help cut through all the noise and grab your ideal customer’s attention.

Words that Serve

Investing in copy and content that supports you, your business and your customers is valuable and efficient. Creating a cohesive content strategy across your platforms (website, social media and email marketing) helps customers feel more secure when investing in your and your business.

Cohesive content plans build your business’ credibility and sales. If potential clients and customers understand how your offerings can help them, they are more likely to invest in you.

If your small business’ words need a boost, let me know! We can talk about building a customized content strategy that serves your business and customers.

Here’s a little thought nugget I’ll leave with you. When writing for your business, think about how you can help someone find a solution to a problem.

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