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My Imposition: Start at the Beginning

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hello, World!

First things first, I am Mary Kate McGowan. I'm a writer, creator, traveler, corgi lover and wannabe beer and wine connoisseur. Oh, and a new business owner!

In this season of starting a business, I’ve learned many lessons.

One of the most significant is the importance of starting. Beginning a project, a blog post or a brainstorming session increases the likelihood of finishing by 100%.

I have known for quite some time that one of my recurring challenges as a writer is facing the blank page. The "white bull" as Hemingway put it.

Everyone and everything has a beginning, and this post is the beginning of my blog that I hope will become a resource for writers, small business owners and dreamers who spend their time thinking of ways to improve their lives and words.

From writing tips to branding advice to mindset challenges, this blog will evolve into a varied reading experience to help support writers and small business owners fight the "you have to do it all" overwhelm.

So stay tuned (and subscribe if you want) to stay up-to-date on these resources!

Best wishes and happy writing!


Curious to learn more about me and my services? Check out:

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