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Small Businesses

Did You Know?

Businesses that blog

see more than

55% more

website visitors than

those that don't.

Companies with blogs

produce about

67% more

monthly leads than

those that don't.

Marketers who prioritized blogging in 2019 saw

13x more

ROI than

those that don't.

More than 400 million people look at more than  

20 million blog pages/month.

Blogging can boost a small business’ sales, visibility and authority

So why doesn't every small business have a blog?


Because small business owners have so much free time!


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That's Where I Come In

I'm MK McGowan, a freelance writer and content marketing specialist dedicated to helping small business owners grow their businesses with words.

I can help boost your business' visibility and sales with SEO content writing and personalized content strategy.

Words are hard. I can help.

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