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Quantum IQ: Launching a new product for an established brand

Tailored to resonate with airline executives, ground handlers and freight forwarders, the content was strategically designed to address their specific needs, particularly the capacity to respond swiftly to disruptions.

Launching a product for a trusted brand

For decades, Unisys has helped its air cargo customers maximize revenue. Recently, they introduced a next-gen product into the market that could revolutionize the supply chain and logistics industries.

As the lead content marketer on this launch, I helped launch this new product with a multi-touch campaign that includes:

  • Thought leadership, including a third-party analyst white paper
  • Social media promotion
  • Industry events and trade shows
  • Direct mail
  • Online launch event
  • Marketing-assisted sales outreach

I created content as part of a thought leadership campaign for months preceding the launch of the lead-generation campaign, helping to build SEO credibility, buyer awareness and market curiosity.

The product’s ideal customer profile (ICP) is airline executives, ground handlers and freight forwarders, so the content speaks directly to their needs, especially having the ability to respond to disruptions quickly.

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