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Mortgage-as-a-service: Building a hyper-specific lead-generation campaign

Every piece of content in this campaign was laser-focused on addressing the unique challenges of a group of 40+ organizations.

Speaking directly to a hyper-specific audience

When your product has a total addressable market of about 40 businesses, your content should speak directly to your audience’s needs — no excuses. Unisys, an established technology solutions company, has trusted partnerships with U.K. building societies and wanted to let their long-time clients know of a new solution that simplifies mortgages.

As the content marketer on this launch, I created a lead-generation campaign that included:

The campaign’s ideal customer profile (ICP) was executives at building societies and financial services consultants. As of March 2023, there were 43 building societies within the U.K., so the content in this campaign was hyper-personalized to speak to their challenges, especially ensuring compliance.

Results: This campaign assisted the sales team in booking multiple meetings and creating proposal opportunities.

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